People still looking for Coronavirus answers

I have written hundreds of stories or columns in my lifetime. I am not sure I have ever written anything which attained the attention of readers as much as my column from two weeks ago. In that column I shared my battles with COVID-19 and the issues it presented. Since it ran in the paper and posted to social media, I have heard from so many people, many thanking me for writing it, I have lost count. I interpret many of the thanks as simply people trying to glean any information they can about the Coronavirus because there is so much misinformation out there.

Besides the curiosity, I have now heard from so many people who have also had the virus or someone in their friends and family chain who have become ill. We all want reassurance when in a state of fear, so my story touched some people and gave some reassurance. None of this was necessarily my intent when I wrote the column, but I am touched to know it may have helped someone.

There’s also the group of people who now shy away from me. I don’t have leprosy or rotting skin disease. I had a virus, it is gone. What isn’t gone is the need to treat everyone like a potential spreader.

I would like to appeal to people who have a cavalier feeling about wearing a mask, please do. I go to stores and restaurants and I am amazed at the number of people who simply go without masks. Most of us would not intentionally spit on someone else or blow smoke in their face, yet that is very similar to what you are doing when you refuse to mask up. It is simply an attempt to protect other people and I for one, appreciate those who are willing to look out for others. As an update, it has now been about a month since I first showed symptoms. While much of my strength has returned, I am still suffering with breathing problems and energy. I have been told it can be months before my lungs have cleared of the problem and my breathing issues subside. COVID-19 is not all about living and dying, there are still residual effects which we are still learning about.

In my last column prior to becoming ill, I expressed my disgust at Major League Baseball for not starting its season earlier. I made the comment it would take something major to change my mind about how the game was being played this season. Well, something major happened when I got sick. While I was in the hospital, I watched some Royals games, even though my illness made the games more confusing than interesting. I have continued to watch since I got home, but unlike in the past, I am not glued to the TV every time a game is on.

I will just say it’s the strangest looking baseball I have ever seen. Maybe it is just because the Royals are not very good or maybe its baseball-wide, but these games look more like a senior league or maybe a softball league, because the caliber of play has been mediocre at best. I’ve never seen a season of Major League Baseball where the players have been so inconsistent in the field. Pitchers look like every pitch is the first they have ever made and batters are playing home run derby, swinging for the fences on every pitch. Strategy seems to have disappeared.

To me, the entire 2020 season is a joke, but then hockey, basketball, soccer and a variety of other sports are telling the exact same joke with their systems, but I don’t know if anyone is laughing or even cares.

Wear a mask: please.

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