Trio charged in robbery, assault

By Dennis Minich

Three local men are being held in the Cass County Jail in connection to a robbery and assault Oct. 17 in the parking lot of the First Baptist Church, 504 W. Wall St.

According to police, the victim of the attack, Dominic McCoy, 19, Harrisonville, was stabbed and his head was slashed. He was transported by ambulance to a hospital in Kansas City.

Arrested were Garrett M. Siegenthaler, 19, Harrisonville; Aaron J. Collins, 18, listed on the police report as being from Harrisonville but listed in court documents as being from Drexel; and Nicholas W. Schaffert, 17, listed on the police report as being from Gladstone, but court documents say Harrisonville.

Each has been charged with first-degree accessory/robbery, first-degree accessory assault and armed criminal action.

Harrisonville Police spokesman, Lt. Chris Osterberg said officers were called to the Atkinson Funeral Home on Wall Street at 9:03 p.m. He said the 911 call said someone had been robbed and assaulted. When officers arrived, they found McCoy in the church parking lot next door to the funeral home.

Osterberg said McCoy had been cut from the ear down to the back of his neck, in addition to being stabbed. He said the injuries were considered non-life threatening and said he thought McCoy has been released from the hospital.

He did not indicate if the motive was known other than the robbery. He said the investigation is ongoing and there could be more people involved or more charges filed.

While not charged, two other names appear in the court documents. Under bond conditions, it is noted that each defendant is not to have contact with “co-defendants.” Named in addition to the three charged are Devin J. Young and Vivianna M. Samek. No information about age, hometown or connection to the case is listed.

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