Time of food and frivolity is upon us

By Dennis Minich

I am really quite perturbed. I looked at the calendar and realized next week is Thanksgiving.

That means it is officially open season on excessive foodstuffs and empty calories. From now until sometime in early January there will big meals, lots of snacking events, receptions, parties and goodies just too good to pass up.

Now you may wonder why with the wonderful time upon us I would be perturbed? Quite simply, I had planned to diet prior to the holidays. I wanted to shed a couple pounds so I could feel justified in cheating.

But no, I didn’t diet, sonow I face the caloric onslaught with an understanding I may not be prepared,but it is my duty to indulge, consume, eat and feast on whatever delicacies mayhave been placed on my plate. Never fear, I am a trooper, I will willinglyconsume and rightfully surrender my battle of the bulge. I am just that type ofperson.

The last few weeks of the year do have seemed to have flown by. Its kind of like that car trip where heading out it seems like the drive just drags on and on. But then you head home and the time just flies by.

Slowly I am recovering from the election season. The TV barrage this year of political hyperbole was gruesome. However, because of all of the activity the past few weeks, I have about 200 hours of recorded television to watch and much of it includes those 30-second battle cries that candidates had supporters produced the past few weeks. I don’t know now if it will be easier to just skip through them or now look back and laugh knowing the results.

And I will only have to suffer though the commercials for a few more months.

Much like in the August primary, I was struck with some of the inconsistencies revealed in the election results this month.

In August, the surprise was while Republican voters outnumbered Democrat voters, the proposal stopping “right to work” passed nearly 2-1.

This month, Republicans dominated both locally and statewide, but still two proposals, one “cleaning up” government and the other increasing the minimum wage both passed by nearly 2-1 margins. Both of those votes seem contradictory to a Republican electorate.

While I thought the August result might have been an aberration, it now appears voters have a varied outlook in how they view political efforts in the state.

The results of the election also reminded me of the 2017 Missouri Press Association convention. I attended and had the opportunity to participate in a question and answer period with some political leaders.

I remember asking a legislator about medical marijuana. The response was the legislature would never pass such a law, but that it would come up through an initiative on a ballot and would pass with about 65 percent of the vote. Indeed, it did.

The final couple Friday nights of football season were simply dreadful in terms of weather.

Friday night reminded me of a game about 25 years ago between Harrisonville and Ray-Pec. It was absolutely the coldest night I ever spent covering a game. It was so cold that while the teams huddled, I put my camera under my coat to keep the batteries warm because they froze up if left out. Friday was again that kind of night.

The last two Cass County teams were eliminated as both Midway and Harrisonville fell in their district championship games. It was a stark contrast of roles as HHS was a heavy underdog and came within a couple plays of upsetting the top seeded Warrensburg Tigers. 

Meanwhile Midway was a top seed and had the home field, but ran into a juggernaut of a team in Lincoln. For competitive types losing always hurts, but you have to give both teams credit for great post-season runs.

Adrian remains alive in thestate quarterfinals but will have to travel Saturday to face that same Lincolnteam. Both teams enter with 11-1 records so it could be an interesting one towatch.Aninteresting note while watching the Chiefs on Sunday, the team posted anotherwin topping Arizona pretty convincingly, but most everyone felt like the KansasCitians didn’t play that well. After all they only scored 26 points and didn’thave a 300-yard passing day. Winning certainly changes perspectives on aballgame.

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